Mike Klemak, July 8 2018

Klemak's Craft Choice of the Month - Episode 4 Transcription

Hello there and welcome to the fourth episode of the Klemak Craft Choice of the Month. My name is Mike Klemak and oh boy has summer hit. It is sunny out there (most of the time) and that makes me want some refreshing beers. Today's beer that I've chosen is Dageraad’s, “The Bright Side,” which is a tart table Saison with lemon. 

Now what the heck is a table Saison, you might ask? Well last time we got scientific, this time we're going to get historical. The term “table beer” comes from 18th century England when there were three tax brackets for beer, which was strong, table, and small. Basically what does that mean for today? It means that it's a sessionable ale. This one comes in at 4.5%, so yes it is a sessionable Saison: a table Saison. I don't know why the term has come back into circulation but I have seen table beers around so I guess people like it again. 

Anyways, the can is great. For some reason the lemon is crying, that's not good...it's sad. It's going to make me happy though, because I've already had it, so I know that I love this beer. It's in a 473 ml can, it's very bright. In fact it's one of the brightest cans I have in my fridge right now, so very easily recognizable. Good job Dageraad. I'm going to open it now. Oh yeah, you hear that effervescence? That's a good sign. Pouring it into my glass... This one is very active, which is what you want from a Saison. You don't want a flat Saison, that's disgusting. So the nose on it is very lemony. Right away you're getting a bit of those Belgian Esters and a lot of that lemon note. Of course you can still hear that the head is dissipating. Like I said very active. Taking my first sip now. It's really nice. 

Personally I'm not the biggest fan of Radlers because I feel like you're taking away from the beer because you're just adding juice to it; you're diluting a beer. With this however it has the same sense of Radler because of the additional lemon but it's still a beer. It's a beer-flavored beer. That right there is a shout out to Jason Armitage who just made the beer-flavored beer over at Big Ridge Brewing. This one is a beer-flavoured beer. It tastes like a Saison, but it has that lemon note on top of that. So that makes it very summery, it makes it very enjoyable, and it makes me wanna have another sip...which is what I’m going to do right now. Oh yeah. It’s tart, but it’s not sour. It gets you a little bit, kinda right in the back of your mouth, but it’s not making you pucker up. So again, it is as advertised. It is a tart, table Saison. They have hit this one out of the park. It is, so far, my favourite beer of summer, so I think you should seek it out. Come down to B’s Craft Beer Lounge. I have it on the shelves there. I will sell you one. I will tout how great it is; it’s worth it. Trust me. 

Anyways, that’s all the time I have for this week. Please go check out mikeklemak.com. I managed to get my blog page up and the only thing on there so far is the transcript from last month’s episode. I also have all my voice-work, including these segments, and the podcasts I do with my tasting group, the Half-Cut Beer Club. We have another one that’s going up that we did for St. Jean Baptiste Day, and that was wine barrel-aged beers, so please go there and check that out. Come visit me at B’s Craft Beer Lounge in Langley, and keep drinking craft beer.

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Mike Klemak

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